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What Can You Do With Dulce De Leche?

by Jeffery Howard

Dulce de leche offers one of the sweetest and most fulfilling flavors your palate could ask for. It is rich and sweet, offering a lot of flavor no matter what you put it in. If you are curious about what you should do with dulce de leche, these are some of the ways you can incorporate it into your recipes or diet.

Cereal Treats

If you love to make treats with your favorite cereals and marshmallow creme, you might exchange the marshmallow for dulce de leche. You can incorporate dulce de leche with any kind of cereal, creating a sweet dessert.

French Toast

If you prefer a sweet breakfast, make French toast the way you usually would. Then, top it with dulce de leche instead of maple syrup. The caramel flavor goes well with cinnamon if you are looking for a great pairing. You can do the same with pancakes or waffles too.

Cake & Pastries

You can also use dulce de leche to create a layer cake or top a cheesecake. You can add bread and meringue between layers to create a flavor personalized to your own tastes. Dulce de leche also makes a great addition to brownie batter for a bit of a twist on the classic.

Don't want to make a cake? You can coat an existing pastry in dulce de leche instead.


Do you love caramel coffee? Add dulce de leche to your coffee for a caramel twist to brighten up your morning beverage.


Cookies are another great choice for dulce de leche. You can incorporate the ingredient into the cookie or use it as a topper or coating for the cookie. It is also ideal if you are making a sandwich-style cookie.


If you love to make candies, truffles are a good option. You can top the candies with dulce de leche or use the ingredient as a filling similar to caramel.

Ice Cream Topping

If you love to indulge in ice cream for dessert, dulce de leche makes a great topping. All you have to do is smother your dessert in the sauce to make a delicious sundae.

Order Dulce de Leche Today

If you want to buy dulce de leche for any of these recipes or treats, now is a great time to order. A specialty foods provider can ship dulce de leche today, ensuring you have all the ingredients you need for delicious foods.