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Why This Natural Supplement Is Exploding In Popularity

by Jeffery Howard

The supplement and healthy additives industry is huge, and that means that a lot of new products die out as fads relatively quickly. Everyone can remember trying out one or two fad supplements in their time, but there are relatively few supplements that last longer than a few months in the public eye. However, that can certainly not be said of pine pollen capsules that are exploding in popularity. In addition to being popular, these also have the science to back up their claims. Here is a brief look into pine pollen capsules and how they can help you.

What Are They?

Pine pollen capsules contain a small amount of natural pollen that is given off by a variety of trees in the pine species, hence the name. This pine pollen might seem like a random part of the tree to choose to harvest, but when you realize that this is the ingredient that creates a lot of new tree life, you begin to understand its power. Pine pollen is not synthetic, or made in a factory, but rather taken from natural surroundings and encouraged with nothing more than water and a healthy dose of sunlight. 

What Does It Do?

Lots of supplements claim to have anti-ageing properties, but pine pollen capsules actually have proof behind that claim. Pine pollen was shown to slow down the decay of human skin cells in a peer-reviewed study. While the exact effects may vary from person to person, a lot of people claim that it has a marked improvement on their skin quality when taken regularly. It also has been shown to increase testosterone and has a number of healthy vitamins and minerals in it, with very few drawbacks. As more and more people begin to take it, research continues to expand, so keep your eye on it.

How Do I Take It?

Pine pollen capsules are very simple to ingest, and as long as you stick to the recommended amount, shouldn't cost you more than a couple of dollars a week. Many people take these capsules with their morning meal, while others enjoy it at night before they go to bed. It can be easy to remember to take with the rest of your skincare routine. These capsules are no bigger than any other drug or tablet you might take, so unless you have a severe aversion to swallowing pills (in which case you can grind it down and add it to some other food), you should have no issue adding this to your health routine.

For more information on pine pollen capsules, talk to a specialty store that sells them.