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Three Ways You Can Dress Up Your Cocktails With Edible Flowers

by Jeffery Howard

If you're like most people who enjoy preparing and serving cocktails to family and friends on an occasional basis in your home, you probably already know the basics of making an attractive and tasty beverage. However, you may be wishing you had a way to make your cocktails unique and creative to the extent where everyone who attends your parties raves about them. Fortunately, thanks to the craft cocktail movement, now is a great time to stray from the beaten path when it comes cocktails. One of the most elegant and creative ways to do this is by using edible flowers — here are three ways that you can use these in cocktails.

Garnish With Candied Violets

Candied violets were very popular during the Victorian era. They were used on everything from sweet baked confections to decorative elements in tea services. Violets are an edible flower that tastes sweet and floral, like their aroma. Candied violets are made by applying a thin coating of egg wash to the surface of the petals using a pastry brush and sprinkling sugar over them. These are wonderful choices for using as garnishes for sweet drinks. You can stack several on a skewer to use with classic narrow cocktail glasses or float them in blended drinks typically served in wide-mouthed daiquiri-style glasses. 

Float Nasturtium Blossoms in Punch 

When the occasion calls for an adult punch, few things will impress people more than dressing it up with a handful or two of freshly picked nasturtium blossoms. Nasturtiums come in cream, lemon yellow, bright yellow, soft orange, bright orange, and red. A combination of these colors provides a vibrant festive effect, but you can use the same color if you want something more understated. Nasturtiums have a slightly peppery flavor that pairs well with punch made using a dry white wine base.

Freeze Edible Orchids Into Ice Cubes

This is probably the most visually stunning ways to incorporate edible flowers into your cocktails. Place several edible orchids in an ice tray, cover with water, and freeze. The ice cubs can then be used in cocktails. For the best effect, use them in clear drinks such as gin and tonics, vodka and soda, or white wine spritzer and generally avoid anything that would interfere with their visibility, such as fussy garnishes or colored cocktail glasses. The flowers should provide the only color and embellishment. For an extremely elegant effect, use the tallest, narrowest highball glasses you can find. Look for places that have edible orchids for sale