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Dessert Options For Your Next Romantic At-Home Dinner

by Jeffery Howard

If you are planning to cook a romantic dinner for two, then you are probably busy planning what to cook for your main entree. However, a true romantic dinner wouldn't be complete without a perfect dessert. However, it can be tricky to decide what dessert you will serve. It should be something sweet and light since you don't want to have anything really heavy. Also, it's important that you pick something that complements the dinner entree. The list below will give you a few examples of what you can pick up and serve after dinner. 

Chocolate Mousse 

Chocolate mousse is a classic dessert, and it's also one of the most romantic. It's a lighter version of a pudding or pot au chocolate. This makes it ideal for a romantic dessert when you don't feel like serving something heavy and too rich. You can find recipes online which are relatively easy to make, or you could simply head to a gourmet food store and pick up their chocolate mousse. A great way to serve it is in a fancy wine glass or a martini glass. You can decorate it with a few fresh raspberries. 


If you are serving an Italian entree for dinner, then you might want to go with Zabaione. This is an Italian custard, sort of similar to mousse, except it's not chocolate. It is made with egg yolks, sugar, cream, and sweet Italian wine. You can find recipes online that will demonstrate how to make it in no time. The great thing about this dessert is that it's supposed to be served cold, so you can make it the day before and keep it chilled in the fridge. Like the chocolate mousse, a good way to serve it would be to serve it in a wine glass.

Individual Fruit Tarts

If you are more interested in a dessert similar to a pie but don't feel like having something as large and substantial as a pie, then opt for a tart. These are dainty, and very pretty, little desserts that resemble pies. A fruit tart is basically a tiny pie. You can get one and share it with your significant other. Most tarts consist of a custard filling that is topped with glazed fruit (strawberries or blueberries). You can find recipes for these as well, but unless you have baked pies or tarts before, it's best to simply pick one up at a bakery.

High-Quality Fudge Candy

If you and your date are candy fanatics, then a great simple dessert would be a few pieces of really high-quality fudge candy. This is a rich, luxurious dessert that is a cross between a truffle and a brownie. You can even find them in flavor variations such as maple, vanilla, and pistachio, as well as the famous chocolate. They are tricky to make at home, so your best bet would be to buy them from a specialty foods retailer.