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Having A 21st Birthday Party For Your Friend In Your Home? 2 Tips To Do It Right

by Jeffery Howard

If your friend is turning 21, they now have many perks. Not only can they get into any bar that they want to, but they can go to music venues that require you to be 21 and gamble in Vegas casinos. If you are having a party for your friend, below are two tips on how to do it up right for them.

Serve Draft Beer

If your friend likes to drink alcohol, make sure there is enough of it at the party. Many people like beer so you should start there. You can rent a draft beer system so you can easily provide beer. There are companies that will rent these systems for you and they can ensure you get all the equipment you need. They will likely set up the draft beer system for you. When choosing a system, make sure you choose a keg that is large enough for your party, or you could rent more than one keg to have one on backup. If you want to save money and know you will need a draft beer system in the future, you can make your own.

Make sure you have a place for the draft beer system as you likely do not want it to sit out where everyone can see it as this may take away from the aesthetics of the party decorations.

A draft beer system can make things much easier for you as you have a constant flow of beer and will not have to be continually filling up glasses.

Decorate Your Home

You can decorate your home with drink related decorations. For example, you could put a hole in some red cups and thread party lights through the holes. Hang the strand of lights around the party room. Purchase a lot of balloons with the number 21 on them so they cover up the ceiling. This can give the party a festive look.

Have a large banner made of the guest with pictures throughout their years starting with their birth. This can show how the person has grown and the difference in the way they look now from even when they were in high school. Put the pictures on a poster board that is large enough for the guests to write a message on it. Your friend will love this as a memory keepsake from their party.

Use a table cloth with the number 21 on it and put candles on the tables. Consider using flameless candles just in case there are people at the party that have a little too much to drink.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your friend's 21st birthday, they will have a great time and always remember what you did for them.