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3 Things You Should Know About Poulet Rouge Chicken

by Jeffery Howard

The Poulet Rouge chicken is a direct descendant of French chickens, known for their bold and hearty flavor. This specialty bird cannot be found in your conventional grocery store (unlike the more common Cornish hen), but it is not difficult to purchase online from a company that raises these fine delicacies. You can also buy a Poulet Rouge chicken from your nearby chicken hatchery facility if they raise this bird. Here are 3 things you should know about the Poulet Rouge chicken so you can enjoy this lovely fowl when trying new cuisine.

The history of the bird

While the Poulet Rouge chicken descends from French chickens, it is actually not a breed of chicken at all. Rather, it is a chicken that is raised by the Label Rouge standards. These standards state that a chicken needs to be raised in a pasture (free range or fenced) and not given artificial hormones or animal by-products in order to hold this superior name. In addition to pasture raising, Poulet Rouge chickens are raised in smaller flocks so they can thrive. Since these chickens are given a more healthier lifestyle, they live longer than traditional chickens do, and are well-known for their hardy exterior. These chickens are often referred to as the 'naked neck' chicken, since they are red with little or no neck feathers.

Difference between a Poulet Rouge and a Cornish chicken

Besides the flavor, which will be explained further below, there are many differences between a traditional Cornish chicken and its fancier, lesser-known Poulet Rouge chicken. For starters, the Poulet Rouge is a leaner bird, with a smaller breast and longer legs than its Cornish counterpart. This leads to the Poulet Rouge chicken containing more dark meat than its more popular cousin. The bird also lives longer, and tends to have thinner skin than other commercial chickens do.

Flavor of a Poulet Rouge Chicken

Poulet Rouge chickens have thin skin and hardy, tasty meat. For some, the male contains an almost gamey flavor compared to the female, so keep this in mind when choosing a bird of your own. In general, the flavor is juicy, low in fat, and very strong. Since the bird has a small breast and long legs, you can expect a lot of tasty dark meat on this flavorful, interesting chicken.

You are in for a great experience when you give Poulet Rouge chicken a try. You can have the bird delivered right to your door or pick one from your local chicken hatchery facility such as Joyce Farms. Full of healthy meat and free of artificial foods and hormones, the Poulet Rouge is a delicious alternative to traditional chicken that many people enjoy.