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4 Necessity Items To Include In A Wine Gift Basket

by Jeffery Howard

If you are thinking about giving a friend or family member a gift basket for their birthday or any other special occasion, it is important that you know exactly how to put it together in the best way possible. A well-crafted gift basket ensures that it appears you have put a lot of thought into the gift idea and really wanted to make it feel special for the person receiving it. When it comes to putting together a wine basket, here are four necessity items that you must be sure to include to make it perfect:

  1. Cheese: Cheese is a food item that is paired perfectly with any type of wine. Be sure that you choose cheese that is elegantly packaged to make it feel special and well put together. There are many types of assorted cheeses that you can include. You may even ask a local wine specialist what types of cheese go best with the type of wine that you are including in the basket. It's these little details that make a huge difference in the way that the person feels about the gift when they receive it from you. 
  2. Chocolate: Chocolate is another food item that goes great with wine. Don't just choose any chocolate, though. Consider purchasing premium, speciality chocolates to make the gift more elegant, as well. 
  3. A Wine Bottle Opener: To make the gift convenient for the person you are giving it to, consider including a wine bottle opener in the basket. This ensures that the person can simply take the basket with them wherever they want to and  they will easily be able to open the wine and enjoy themselves right away instead of having to search for a wine bottle opener. You can even choose a wine bottle opener that is handcrafted, making it more unique. 
  4. Two Wine Glasses: On top of making the basket convenient for the person you are giving it to by including a wine bottle opener, you should also include at least two wine glasses to make it even more so. This way they won't end up having to drink out of just any cup that they have lying around. You could even consider purchasing custom made wine glasses that are suited to his or her personality to make it even more enjoyable. 

By including these four things in your wine gift basket, you are surely going to be giving a gift your loved one can enjoy. Contact a company like Sand Castle Winery to get started.