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Top Recipe Ideas That Use Kosher Dill Pickles

by Jeffery Howard

Do you love pickles? Did you impulse purchase a giant container of kosher dill pickles the last time you went shopping? Whether you want to incorporate more pickles into your meals for fun or whether you simply want to use up the pickles you have, here are some ideas to get you started:

Fried pickles: For this recipe, your kosher dill pickles will need to be sliced into thin medallions. Once they are sliced, pat dry on paper towels before dipping them into an egg wash mixture. Immediately roll the pickles in bread crumbs, as you would for making fried chicken or zucchini.

Deep fry for 3-5 minutes, or until breaded pickle slices are a golden brown. While they are delicious on their own, they also pair well with mustard as a dipping sauce.

Pickle soup: Kosher dill pickles aren't just for sides, they can also be a meal by themselves. This is great as a lunch dish or as an appetizer for dinner. Diced dill pickles are added to a vegetable soup base and boiled together for several minutes.

The result is a tangy combination of savory and sour that is sure to please a wide variety of taste buds. For an extra kick, you can add some chili powder to give the soup a hint of spice. 

Pickle dogs: If you have whole kosher dill pickles, you can cut them into spears for this recipe. Remove several pickle spears from the brine and pat dry with paper towels. If they've been in the fridge, let them warm up to room temperature for approximately 30 minutes. While your pickles are warming up, carefully press hamburger meat into rectangular patties.

For best results, use a rolling pin and pieces of parchment paper to get the hamburger extra thin. Wrap the room temperature pickles in the hamburger meat, making sure to carefully seal all seams. These "hot dogs" with kosher dill pickles inside can now be grilled like ordinary hamburgers or hot dogs.

Meatloaf: Kosher dill pickles will jazz up more than an ordinary hamburger, you can add them to meatloaf as well. When diced, they add a wonderful tang to your favorite meatloaf recipe. The pickles' flavor means that you may be able to eliminate salt from the rest of the recipe. Depending on how much salt is in the pickles that you use, this can make your meatloaf relatively low-sodium.