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Unusual Beers You Need To Try

by Jeffery Howard

If you're tired of drinking the same style of beer all the time, here are some unique styles to consider. Many of these beers are not mass-produced. They are made by small, craft breweries. One of the advantages to a small, craft style beer is that they have a very distinct flavor.

This list will provide you with some unusual styles of beer. You can many of these are specialty shops that sell craft beer

Russian Stout

The name seems to suggest that this beer comes from Russia. It doesn't. This stout originated in England. The reason it is called "Russian" is that it was made exclusively for export. Catherine the Great, who was empress of Russia, loved the dark beers from England. She was such a fan of dark English beer that people began to refer to the style as "Russian".

If you've only ever had popular stouts, you will be surprised by Russian stout. It has a much higher alcohol content and has a very heavy flavor. There are notes of chocolate and even burnt malt.

Pumpkin Ale

This is a delicious ale that is made with pumpkins and spices. The spices often include cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Some people liken this style to pumpkin pie. The pumpkin is added to the mash. The brewer will either add roasted pumpkin, or pumpkin puree. Either way, the flavor of the pumpkin will meld with the other ingredients and create a very distinctive ale.

This beer is not just a seasonal ale. It is made year round, so you don't have to wait until autumn to enjoy it.

Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal stout has a fascinating history. It used to be very common a few hundred years ago. Some people believed that adding oats to the mash made the beer healthy. However, others found that the oats made the beer slightly bitter.  Eventually oatmeal stout disappeared and was no longer being brewed. A famous beer writer mentioned the stout in one of his books during the 1970s. Because of this, a small batch was commissioned. People were so excited about the beer that it was soon copied by people all over the place.

Barley Wine

Barley wine is not really a wine. It's a a beer. The reason people call it a wine is that it is very high in alcohol content. However, because it is made from grain and not grapes, it is technically not a wine.

A barley wine is something you won't find in most supermarkets. Barley wines are made by craft brewers. If you are looking for a high alcohol beer, with a hoppy taste, then barely wines are a great choice. To learn more, contact a company like Pacific Wine Merchants with any questions or concerns you have.